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Step into the world of Meletio Lighting, where our showroom is a beacon of inspiration for those seeking the extraordinary in lighting design. With a sprawling 13,000 sq ft of showroom space bathed in the soft glow of our curated collection, our freshly redesigned showroom is an invitation to discover the intersection of art and light. Our offerings range from sleek, modern installations to classic chandeliers, each piece chosen to transform spaces into experiences.

Meletio Lighting is not just about illuminating rooms – it’s about creating an ambiance that captivates and enchants. Every visit promises a journey through the marvels of illumination, a place where each light tells a story, and every fixture is a masterpiece waiting to find its home.

Experience the difference at Meletio Lighting, where we redefine the way you see lighting.

what to expect

  • Discover an expansive 13,000 square foot showroom displaying a curated selection of hundreds of lighting fixtures
  • Immerse yourself in the cutting edge of new lighting techniques and technology with our state-of-the-art LED Experience Center
  • Find the perfect inspiration for your home in our designer crafted faux bathroom, dining room, kitchen, media room, and outdoor spaces
  • Schedule a one-on-one lighting consultation with our expert staff

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Not convinced yet? Check out our gallery of stunning teaser images to sneak a peek at the brand new showroom!

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